14 de março de 2003

send or not?! :D hohoho... this is the question... :PP
ain, ain..

quero ouvir Dominatrix, mas aqui não tem...então vou ficar cantando em mente mesmo... e pensando, pensando, pensando... nhé ~:

cannot describe the way i want you
all i feel is your eternal sweet sweet voice
that sobber feeling turn to fire
when two of the same get together
it seems we are not having fun
what have we done? we are still alive
i beg you mercy it brings me light
you are the cure for my pain
(what have we done for my...)
you know it's going to be a great loss
and it seems i'm not the only one who feels your absence
i didnt want to do this
it wasnt my decision
i'll never forget you i'll always want you back

grrr, nostalgia.. :/

Sparta - Air

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